Two $250 Scholarships for Education

We have had a large number of people asking for help with their higher education. We will award two $250 scholarships to be paid directly by wire transfer to the high school or college of choice. These are only awarded to people in extreme financial need, based on merit, location and their original answers on the scholarship application. DEADINE March 5, 2015. Eligible countries: Kenya, Rwanda, Haiti

Please email us with your current student status, official school document of your grades, we will then share this application with you via email! God bless your efforts!!

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Scholarship Application

March 5, 2015 deadline

What is your primary goal in life?


how will you use your education

Describe a moment in your life, where you realized, you could have an impact in the world.

can be at any age in your life

Describe each member of your family, explaining the impact they have had to make you who you are today.


please describe at least 3 people, up to 7 total

If you complete your education, how will you use your knowledge to impact the future generations in your community?

pay it forward or give it back

Who has influenced your life in the biggest way? How? Why?

this can be anyone, past, present, famous or everyday life




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