Bringing Miracles, Inc. Serving the Children in Kibera, Kenya

Bringing Miracles Video

This is a video we would like to share with you about the ministry in Kibera, Kenya. We meet the needs of the impoverished children who need the basic necessities of life including food, shelter and an education.

News from Kenya & Haiti

Pictures of the new school being built.

Phase 2 began last week on Miracle Victory Children’s Centre. But we only got to this point, as seen in the pictures below. We went as far as the $10,000 was able to stretch. It is our hope to complete this school in the slum of Kibera, enabling 150 children to get an education and be instructed in the Word of God so they will know who they are in Christ and understand that God has plans and purposes for them! I know the plans that I have for you, declares the LORD. They are plans for peace and not disaster, plans to give you a future filled with hope. Jeremiah 29:11

His word is true in Kenya, it is true in Haiti, it is true in the US as well!! With God we do have a future filled with hope. Without God we have no hope!

It is true, that we can know this scripture and learn it by heart. We can make beautiful art, to remind us everyday…but unless we experience some tangible evidence that the God of the universe loves us, cares for us and wants good for us- it is really hard to “get it”. Bringing Miracles has been committed to feeding these precious ones physically and spiritually for 7 years and needs your help to make this school happen. They are being taught now, in  ramshackle buildings of tin and wood, some with dirt floors…but this new building would be a big step hygienically, structurally and in so many other ways. We are almost half way there! Would you please consider donating now?

I just heard some statistics today that might motivate you and increase your happiness 🙂

Once all our physical needs are met, it is difficult to increase your level of happiness. It only happens when we do something bigger than ourselves. Won’t you decide to help a child in Kenya, who may not even have parents, who can never pay you back for your kindness, who is ecstatic at the chance to get an education?? I could tell their stories (very graphic- do you want that??) and try and lay a guilt trip on you for being born in the US or Sweden or some other wealthy nation?? Why not choose to do something for another human and stick your tongue out into the ugly face of selfishness and self serving garbage??

DO SOMETHING NOW, be a DOOR of CHANGE, be a beacon of encouragement, WALK THE TALK!! Even if you personally don’t have money, you can spread the word, do a kickstarter or other fundraiser, you might KNOW someone who could help. PLEASE SHARE THIS NEED!!

I can’t promise you blessings, but according to research, your HAPPINESS will increase BEYOND NORMAL!

children pray for help

The children did some prayer walking.

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Medical Dr takes blood pressure.

Haiti Medical Mission

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Two yo

Two yo

Two young men from the local church helped with translation into Creole.M