God is Faithful

Psalms 100:4 Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name. 5 For the LORD is good and His love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations.

This scripture is the lifeblood of our school, the very reason it continues to have pulse and life. It exists and continues to run because of God’s great faithfulness! It is only because of God’s provision through His people being moved, that the children have a place to come for school, that these 15 teachers have been paid salaries, that enough food is provided for the little ones, big ones and those that also glean in Kibera community. There are times when fear has tried to grip my heart and mind and tell me that there is NO WAY that the school can continue to run. I haven’t been able to visit churches or speak in groups this year about the great needs facing the children of Kibera, Kenya. Personal challenges will never negate the huge needs present at Miracle Victory Children’s Centre. Will you consider making a monthly commitment to our school? Or maybe you have never been able to contribute a financial gift, will you please consider making a one-time gift? Of any amount. Would you or your group consider sponsoring a teacher salary? It is $100 per month. Would you be able to buy a sack of rice or beans? $40 or $60 We will rejoice with whatever amount you are able to give!

Here are some pictures of the work that was completed during the school break in August. Some extensive finish work, flooring, and repairs and kitchen exhaust work needed some immediate attention. A friend from Charlotte and her family were in Kenya for a couple of weeks, visiting the hospital in Kijabe Hospital, where their daughter provided some beautiful artwork, bringing joy, encouragement and the love of the Lord. They have been instrumental in helping us at the school over the years in committed prayer and support. I really wanted her to have a chance to visit at the school while her family was in Kenya. Thankfully, the timing worked out and they were able to spend a day at the school, loving on children and engaging with our teachers. She said that is was difficult to breathe in the school and her eyes were burning due to the heavy smoke all over Kibera.  It permeates the whole area due to multiple charcoal cooking fires every 10 to 20 yards. We had purchased and fashioned a nice cooking area for the school, but poor ventilation caused the smoke to pour into our building during lunch service. Generous donors blessed us and we were able to address the poor ventilation, flooring, walls and other needs.

This is one of our 2nd story classrooms

New flooring, new chalkboard and paint to brighten this room.(above)  Love these bright and smiling faces!! This is our stairwell and 2nd story hallway between classrooms.

Our kitchen has had many improvements! A table has been built, providing work space for our cooks. A flue now vents the smoke to the outside, rather than spilling into the building.

The pipe outside of the kitchen now vents smoke to the outside.


Please continue to pray for our children for health, protection, family stability, minds to learn and become all that God has desired them to be.

Pray for our teachers, health in them and their families, creative ideas, good time management, provision.

Pray for leadership that they will continue to have a vision and desire to serve their community for God’s glory, that the snares of the enemy will be revealed, that their spiritual life will be active.

Pray for all staff for provision, health and protection.

Pray for fresh ideas for the school to make it more self sustaining.

Pray and ask God what your role is in helping these children become future missionaries, teachers, pastors, pilots, etc Help this child!

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Thank you!!!








Getting There (2nd level of the school)

Student concentrating while teacher lectures


2nd story opens

The upper-level classes are now meeting in the second story of our school building! We are SO HAPPY for them and their teachers! They now have some breathing room. Even more important than the extra space, these teachers can now focus on teaching their children! The children can now listen to their teacher without the distraction of 5 others teachers trying to simultaneously teach seventy-five other children. Don’t get me wrong, it was amazing to witness this happening in the one room available to the upper grades, but what relief to know that the children who are easily distracted now have only 25 other students and not the competition of 5 teachers talking at once. They are so ready and eager to learn and soak up all the knowledge being poured out! I am convinced that our children are the future of Kenya! God has great plans for them! Within the walls of our school, some of our children will become teachers, preachers, doctors, scientists, lawyers, and even a politician may be among them. I am so very proud of our teachers, that work so hard. They take their work home with them, just as teachers in the US have to do. They are planning lessons, grading papers, supervising after school clubs, mentoring caregivers, walking children across Kibera settlement to other schools providing sports and recreation facilities. Please pray for our teachers! It really is a special calling to work so hard and have a positive impact on children. Pray that they will continue to be committed to the calling, that they will use creative ideas, teach the subjects well, with clarity of instruction, that they will be blessed with health as individuals and in their families. Pray also that we can continue to provide a competitive salary so they will remain at our school and not want to go to greener pastures. God has been so good and such a faithful provider. Thankful to donors who respond to the needs of the children. We could not continue without your generosity, kindness and prayer support!

We were able to purchase tracksuits for the children, hopefully enabling their daily uniforms to last a bit longer. The tracksuits will be used on their activity days. They look so sharp! Enjoy seeing this slideshow of the children, their new suits, a swimming field trip and the 2nd story of our school. Keep in mind, they are still doing the finish work, so plaster work, windows and painting still need to be done.

Many of you know that Monica’s daughter contracted tuberculosis,  thankfully, she responded well to treatment and has returned to her school. TB is one of the top infectious disease killers in Kenya and most of the 3rd world. We are doing our part to instruct and create awareness to prevent the spread of TB.





Bringing Miracles in Kibera, Kenya

Silent Images was able to visually express the things I shared with them about the ministry in a beautiful way. Please share this video and help us tell Rose’s story. We have 300 children that each have their own story, just as gripping and real as hers. Sharing this video will help reach other folks that could help us continue the support of our school. Big hugs, big thanks to each of you!

Immense poverty and suffering is seen here in Kibera, Kenya. One of our students, Rose Aoko, is featured in this video, you will see the ministry that takes place to over 300 children and families. Many of these children are total orphans, Rose being one. We provide all they need to enter school, they pay no fees, they can’t pay when they earn less than one dollar a day, many less than 30 cents. Please help the children have a future! Thank you! bringingmiracles.com/giving
Filmed by Silent Images http://www.silentimages.com


















Hi Folks!

So very thankful for the opportunities we have to make an impact for God’s glory. Though it may be painfully slow in some ways, in other ways I stand amazed at the way that support has come in for Miracle Victory Children’s Centre. Since Jauary of 2014, the original budget of $98,000 has been met in full. It was disappointing learning that rainy season caused damage, necessitating the replacement of timber and some steel. After a wire today, the total amount needed will be $13,440.

Thanks for your prayers, support, encouragement and love!

Praising God for:

 Lakeview Baptist Church and their fundraising efforts in 2015

[image] for their kindness and generous donations, thank you!!

Thanking God for keeping our children healthy!!

New City Church  New City Church of San Diego made a donation for classroom furniture and supplies, Thank You!!


Tommy and Janis Burch and their generosity and kindness, for the roof money and many other timely donations. Thank you!!!




We will post new pictures as soon as the 2nd floor and roof show progress!


Please continue to PRAY. WE NEED YOU!!!!

Two $250 Scholarships for Education

We have had a large number of people asking for help with their higher education. We will award two $250 scholarships to be paid directly by wire transfer to the high school or college of choice. These are only awarded to people in extreme financial need, based on merit, location and their original answers on the scholarship application. DEADINE March 5, 2015. Eligible countries: Kenya, Rwanda, Haiti

Please email us with your current student status, official school document of your grades, we will then share this application with you via email! God bless your efforts!!

B Favicon.




Scholarship Application

March 5, 2015 deadline

What is your primary goal in life?


how will you use your education

Describe a moment in your life, where you realized, you could have an impact in the world.

can be at any age in your life

Describe each member of your family, explaining the impact they have had to make you who you are today.


please describe at least 3 people, up to 7 total

If you complete your education, how will you use your knowledge to impact the future generations in your community?

pay it forward or give it back

Who has influenced your life in the biggest way? How? Why?

this can be anyone, past, present, famous or everyday life




Some Trust in Chariots…

Trusting God for the Children

This song was one of my favorites during my youth.Psalm 20:7 I liked it because it was an upbeat, joyous song about our Lord, reminding us that even if others put their trust in the machines of war, our ultimate trust was to be in God. It is well to sing songs, but another matter to put trust in God for something you KNOW YOU CANNOT DO! But, He is my hope, my song, my strong tower, the lifter of my head, my everything in this world. I cannot look to any individual to provide enough money to meet the needs of orphans in a third world country. It is God that touches hearts, it is God that orchestrates connections, it is God that goes ahead and is in fact there in His omniscience, tenderly taking care of them much better than I ever could. So, we are declaring, we trust in you God! I have learned that I can’t trust how I feel anymore. This has been a very confusing, difficult year to walk through filled with exciting highs and devastating lows, but God does not change and I can count on God’s word and His faithfulness and that is enough. I will remember the name of the Lord MY GOD and we can continue saying that He is the One that has provided.

School Needs Text Books

In the last month, so much has happened! We were notified in September that changes had been made to the Kenyan School Syllabus, requiring the immediate purchase of brand new text books in each grade level. As you know, that is very expensive, but someone sent in funds at the perfect time, enabling us to purchase books. Thank you Jesus!!

New books for the children were delivered.

Teacher Training & Shoes

Monica recently attended teacher training in Nukuru. She will be holding training sessions for the teachers at Miracle Victory Children Centre to pass along her newly acquired knowledge. At another training session, teachers were asked to list some of the major needs at their own schools. Monica decided to list the need for shoes as a high priority. What a blessing, when she later learned that the children would each receive a pair of Tom’s! Tom’s usually requires biannual follow up after a child has been given a pair of shoes. If that turns out to be the case, each child will receive a new pair of shoes every 6 months! How cool is THAT!! I was super excited about this because more than 2 years ago we had sought out Tom’s, filled out applications and attended meetings in Nairobi to investigate being a Tom’s partner. After expending lots of energy, we learned that we would be responsible for distributing 1000+ shoes biannually to children and be responsible for the shipping container and any taxes due. It was overwhelming to even think about the time, energy and expenses we might be faced with in this type of commitment, so we just put those ideas away on a shelf. But God, He had better provision for the children. He made arrangements for Monica to attend training, write down our needs and then later learn that Tom’s shoes would be delivered to our children!! So much better than my plans and the ensuing stress and responsibility. Thank you God for your goodness to the children!

School Demolition Slated

A little over a week ago, we learned from Paul Obia, our Kenyan Contractor, that our current school will be demolished because of it’s location. All shanties that are close to the railway will be demolished to make way for permanent structures. While this is a great step, it means we will not have a place to continue school coursework. We are trusting God and believing that money will come in to pay for the new school to be completed. God is able to do amazing things and we know He wants good for these children. He will touch people to give and there will be more than enough to continue feeding the children, providing teacher’s salaries, medicine and any other need that comes. The teachers have asked for a raise- I believe God will provide that as well!

I got an email from Paul last night, telling me that he was going to keep the men working, with the promise to pay them at the end of the week. normally he pays a daily salary. He is taking a huge leap of faith in doing this. These men and women rely on their salaries to feed their families. It is not like our first world realities. They shop daily for food because most do not own a refrigerator or have running water. Let’s step out in faith together and be a part of seeing these children continue school. With their new text books now in hand, help us make sure that they will not have to disrupt their education because of lack. Let’s complete the new school in time for them to move out of the old school and move in to the BRAND NEW SCHOOL!

Be a part of celebrating God’s provision, faithfulness and goodness!

PLEASE DONATE NOW, it is easy with our giving tab!


katiemonica - Edited

Let me introduce you to Katie Ruth. She came to visit our school through Transparency Travel and she has a really big heart.We thank God for her and for His perfect timing. There are times when you have walked in a dry, lonely space…such as we have recently experienced with the sudden death of a lead teacher, our wise Janet..then God sends new hope and vision. Katie has been traveling to different countries the past year, using her gift and love of teaching to work with children in schools. She, with the help of supportive friends and relatives, helped the children make their very own books! She also has an idea for sponsorship of the children, that we hope to implement as soon as possible. Here is a blog that Katie wrote after spending time at our school . http://katietravelingteacher.blogspot.com/2014/07/bringing-miracles-inc.html

Katie Ruth will be sharing with churches and other groups in the Chicago area. Just let us know if you would like for her to come and share with your  group!


Tommy and Janis Burch  made a very generous donation to  bring construction to a point of safety and protection, thus preventing the potential for damage. We thank God for their huge role in seeing the school built!! The children are overjoyed!! The teachers are excited too!! Without  their love and support, this project could not continue.

We are stepping out in faith and sending $9,000 to continue construction of the school. All glory to God for this! We are trusting  that God will continue helping us  complete this project  AND  continue providing for the entire school budget.  Thanks to the support of many loving people and my church, Lakeview  Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Monroe and Hopewell Baptist Church, we were able to continue. God will bless all of you for your sacrificial love.

THERE IS ONLY A $50,000  need left 🙂   It is a LOT still…I know…but GOD IS ABLE!!!


Katie Ruth outside at MVCC teaching the children


Kids in line

Children lining up for food


We wash our hands before lunch!


Satisfying and finger licking good!


Lunch time!!


So proud of their books!!

Bringing Miracles, Inc. Serving the Children in Kibera, Kenya

Bringing Miracles Video

This is a video we would like to share with you about the ministry in Kibera, Kenya. We meet the needs of the impoverished children who need the basic necessities of life including food, shelter and an education.

Medical Dr takes blood pressure.

Haiti Medical Mission

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Two yo

Two yo

Two young men from the local church helped with translation into Creole.M

shoveling dirt

School Build Bringing Hope to Kibera

God gets the Glory

 People are craning their necks to see what is happening in Kibera. They pass by here every day and cannot believe what they see!  They say, “You mean that lady Monica, this is her school? She is from Kibera, how can it be? It MUST be GOD! It has to be GOD!!  This is too hard for a woman from here to build this, NO WAY!” God is being glorified here! The King of Kings and Lord of Lords is getting credit for THIS!! No human is able to do this.  

It’s a Terrible Place

Tommy Emory, from Jesup, Georgia, member at Calvary Baptist Church went to Kenya to help start our new school. Tommy told me that nothing I had told him prepared him for the reality of Kibera. It changes you, it gets in your soul, the people are melded in your heart, you see God and hear God better than you ever have before. I asked him to write a little something about his trip, this is his note:


While I was at Monica’s I sent my wife an e-mail that she said touched her heart in a special way. It best describes my days there. I would like to to share it with you along with some pictures of the building site:
The footing on the school was started today. Paul had a lot of men working on it. I took some pictures of Monica shoveling.
The property was nothing like I imagined.  When I looked at the area, I thought from the world’s view this would be a terrible place to build a school, but the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said from the Kingdom’s view it is the best place to build.
I went to a fellowship meeting with Emory,Monica, some of her friends, and three pastors in this area. I was really aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit.
Cindy, This school will give hope to those who desperately need to know that God loves them. The second photo was taken the day that we prayed giving thanks to God for His goodness.
And this is my response:

Dear Tommy,

Thanks so much for sending this post! It is interesting that while I was in Kibera, the same thing happened when I first saw the land in person. I knew that the world would think it was crazy and we needed more land, but God showed me that we are ministering to children in Kibera and that is EXACTLY where we were supposed to be!!
God is good and His plans are so much better than ours.
I hope you are feeling rested. Let me know how it goes when you get to share with your church!
God bless!!
School Build Phases

We just began construction on the new school! Phase 1 is coming to a completion. Please pray with us

and consider making a critically needed donation to begin Phase 2. PLEASE DONATE

Here is a break down of each phase and the cost:

The first phase of the foundation, ground floor walling, assembly area flooring, and ground floor

columns should be complete. ( $25,000.00- this is paid in full!!)

The phase 2 will include:

Form work for floor beams on second floor

Steel work for second floor

Floor slab

Electrical conduit for lighting

Plumbing rough-in on second floor

Interior stone work

Complete pouring columns and bearing beam on outside wall perimeter

estimate for second phase: ( $32,000.00)

Phase 3 will be the roof:

Third phase estimate ( $16,000.00)

The 4th Final Phase will include

The final wall plastering


Installation of doors

Grill work over wall openings

Septic Tank

Finish plumbing and electrical


Fourth phase estimate ($25,000.00)

Please join to help us with meeting the needs of the extremely poor. Our Lord Jesus Christ began His

ministry by proclaiming good news to the poor! We need your help to make it happen!

  • Monica Turns Ground

    shoveling dirt
  • Breaking Ground

    ground level
  • School Bathrooms

  • Walls in the School

    school building
  • Walls are built

    kibera school

Isaiah 61:1

“The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me,

because the Lord has anointed me

to proclaim good news to the poor.

He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,

to proclaim freedom for the captives

and release from darkness for the prisoners,

2 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

Please pray for us! Please share the needs! Please invite us to come speak to your church! THANK YOU!!!

We are a 501 c 3 non profit organization and have a transparent policy to release our accounting records.