Bringing Miracles in Kibera, Kenya

Silent Images was able to visually express the things I shared with them about the ministry in a beautiful way. Please share this video and help us tell Rose’s story. We have 300 children that each have their own story, just as gripping and real as hers. Sharing this video will help reach other folks that could help us continue the support of our school. Big hugs, big thanks to each of you!

Immense poverty and suffering is seen here in Kibera, Kenya. One of our students, Rose Aoko, is featured in this video, you will see the ministry that takes place to over 300 children and families. Many of these children are total orphans, Rose being one. We provide all they need to enter school, they pay no fees, they can’t pay when they earn less than one dollar a day, many less than 30 cents. Please help the children have a future! Thank you!
Filmed by Silent Images



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