Hi Folks!

So very thankful for the opportunities we have to make an impact for God’s glory. Though it may be painfully slow in some ways, in other ways I stand amazed at the way that support has come in for Miracle Victory Children’s Centre. Since Jauary of 2014, the original budget of $98,000 has been met in full. It was disappointing learning that rainy season caused damage, necessitating the replacement of timber and some steel. After a wire today, the total amount needed will be $13,440.

Thanks for your prayers, support, encouragement and love!

Praising God for:

 Lakeview Baptist Church and their fundraising efforts in 2015

[image] for their kindness and generous donations, thank you!!

Thanking God for keeping our children healthy!!

New City Church  New City Church of San Diego made a donation for classroom furniture and supplies, Thank You!!


Tommy and Janis Burch and their generosity and kindness, for the roof money and many other timely donations. Thank you!!!




We will post new pictures as soon as the 2nd floor and roof show progress!


Please continue to PRAY. WE NEED YOU!!!!

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