Merry Christmas from Kibera.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Kibera.
All the Children send a Merry Christmas to you and all those who support the Miracle Victory Children’s Center! The Miracle Victory Children’s Center exists to help the children in Kibera, Kenya. Bringing miracles is a non profit organization establishes community relationships among the impoverished to bring a tangible response and support for development. We aim to help people understand who they are in Christ and empower them to make decisions about how to use community resources to better their lives, solve problems. Realizing that God has plans and purposes for each life- everyone can contribute, each life has value and can contribute to making the community a better place to live.

Children and teacher playing.

Building a School

Children Playing.God’s story is continuing here in Kibera! God is raising up people to mobilize and help build a school for these precious children. Please continue to pray for the energy, clarity and finances to be raised for the project to begin and for it to be completed in excellence. Right now, we want to focus on prayer and trusting God to see this through to completion. I trust God to touch hearts to want to be a part of glorifying God in Kibera, Kenya; by joining with us in building a school in the heart of this community. As the community sees this school they will know the love of the God who cares about the least, who loves them more than any one.

Hungry children in Kibera.

Prayer Needs

Hungry children in Kibera.

Monthly needs
for the school:food,salaries, rent, utilities, supplies.
Teachers: Provision for the teachers, teachers families health, creative ideas and ability to work with what materials they have.
Children’s Needs:  health, spiritual growth, educational and recreational needs to be met.
Monica: health and health of her family, spiritual growth of children, guidance and wisdom.
Building Project: money to undertake the project, people to have a vision and desire to help, that is will bring glory to God.
Future: Potential new partners to support the school,that the Lord will give discernment and clear direction.