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Let me introduce you to Katie Ruth. She came to visit our school through Transparency Travel and she has a really big heart.We thank God for her and for His perfect timing. There are times when you have walked in a dry, lonely space…such as we have recently experienced with the sudden death of a lead teacher, our wise Janet..then God sends new hope and vision. Katie has been traveling to different countries the past year, using her gift and love of teaching to work with children in schools. She, with the help of supportive friends and relatives, helped the children make their very own books! She also has an idea for sponsorship of the children, that we hope to implement as soon as possible. Here is a blog that Katie wrote after spending time at our school . http://katietravelingteacher.blogspot.com/2014/07/bringing-miracles-inc.html

Katie Ruth will be sharing with churches and other groups in the Chicago area. Just let us know if you would like for her to come and share with your  group!


Tommy and Janis Burch  made a very generous donation to  bring construction to a point of safety and protection, thus preventing the potential for damage. We thank God for their huge role in seeing the school built!! The children are overjoyed!! The teachers are excited too!! Without  their love and support, this project could not continue.

We are stepping out in faith and sending $9,000 to continue construction of the school. All glory to God for this! We are trusting  that God will continue helping us  complete this project  AND  continue providing for the entire school budget.  Thanks to the support of many loving people and my church, Lakeview  Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Monroe and Hopewell Baptist Church, we were able to continue. God will bless all of you for your sacrificial love.

THERE IS ONLY A $50,000  need left 🙂   It is a LOT still…I know…but GOD IS ABLE!!!


Katie Ruth outside at MVCC teaching the children


Kids in line

Children lining up for food


We wash our hands before lunch!


Satisfying and finger licking good!


Lunch time!!


So proud of their books!!

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