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Please thank God with us as total funding has come in to complete this building project. The school has 300 children and it will allow them enough space for classes.  And, with God…all things are possible! He has shown us His provision and faithfulness, over and over!

Please share these ongoing needs with your friends and neighbors! Share it with teenagers, share it with all who look at possibilities and think “I can respond!” You never know who God will use to complete this task!

Steadily, with timber, cement and faith…the walls are going up. Each dollar donated has made a difference.  What a joy to be a part of providing this for the children of Kibera! Currently, the roof is being completed and then the 2nd story will begin the finishing work.

This has been a slow and tedious process in Kenya! But with patience and relying fully on God, things are being done in excellence and lives are being changed and they have a future and a hope!


School building plans.

The estimated cost of school construction is $116,000.  This is a very important project for the children, especially now with

news of demolition to take place of ALL shanties in close proximity to the railroad. Pray that we can finish before this happens.

Thank you!!


Children Eating.

Your donations help to make this possible. The children look forward to a hot meal and snacks to give them energy to learn

during the day! Many caregivers receive portions of beans and rice to keep them sustained at home too!

School Supplies

Children in schoolyard.

The teachers need basic school supplies to teach the children. They rely on us to help provide pen and pencils, paper, workbooks,

textbooks, crayons, chalkboards…the list goes on!

Miracle & Victory Children’s Centre

Cindy Baucom

I also was amazed at the spirit of generosity in Monica. She share with me how she had wanted to start a feeding center for the children because so many went without food on a daily basis.

Cindy BaucomFounder
Monica Akinyi

My main dream for the centre is to see my vision and mission come true that is to have a change of life for this kids through creating a good learning environment.

Monica AkinyiFounder
Richard Wali

His dream for the school is to see the school in a new building in order to assist the students to attain a high performance academically and to make learning easy. Also, that those children who come from bad background can experience the love of Christ.

Richard WaliTeacher
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